Where did I go???

Posted by Peach DeJ on Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Wow it has literally been forever... About a year maybe?... Where did I go you might ask? Well this is going to be a long story...

Basically these have been the happiest yet darkest years of my life. I got into a few nasty habits (to be exact drinking, and other emotional things I guess?) and it resulted in my almost giving up my life.. Thank goodness it didn't end up happening though. I stopped with the habits just recently, though the scars dont go away that easily. But I am working everyday and working to build my relationship with god, I strongly believe he is what saved me. I knew what I was doing displeasing to Jehovah and I want more than anything to be close to him, and have confidence that I will live forever on a paradise earth. I don't want to ruin my relationship with god. 

Another thing that happened, which I am really happy yet miserable about it my relationship... What do I mean by that?
Well I met someone... His name is ANONYMOUS! Therefore I will call him Batman, since that is his nickname ;) 
Me and Batman met when i moved here and we became friends pretty fast. But from there it kept moving up. We talked everyday all day, and eventually we both liked each other. On January 11th we both confessed to each other and it started there. We had our first dance, and I must say it was the happiest day of my life. I knew this wasn't just some crush. I actually really felt close to him, and had never felt that way before. It was love. He is my first love, and I want it to stay that way forever, and I just feel it in my bones that it will. 
It happened really fast, but it feels I've known him forever. He makes me so happy =) and hes stuck with me through good and bad. I love him more than I could have ever imagined I could love a person. We both weren't really sure what love it, but once we felt it we just knew. And these feelings cant just disappear, I love you so much Batman! <3
But the sad part that makes me miserable... Im not allowed to be with him.. When I was going through that dark period of life recently Batman helped me through, but I feel so bad for all the things I put him through.. I could barely stand myself but he never let go or gave up, he stayed with my through it all and helped more than I knew was possible. 
But then after I attempted, all the cards were lined all the table and my parents found out about everything. They did not agree (at all) about me and Batman together. So I ended up having to breakup with out any real good byes, and I was forbidden from talking to him for a few months... It was the hardest time of my life. I cried every single day and just didn't know what to do with life. Everything felt pointless.
But after a while we got to talk again. And Im not going to say anymore ;) lets just say we are more in love now than before. 

So theres a bit of an update. Im going to try blogging again, so I will talk to you later to reveal more life spoilers!

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