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Job hunting

Posted by Peach DeJ on Saturday, November 2, 2013,
Recently I have really been trying to get a job since I am finally legal age. 
I really wanted to work at Starbucks, but a lot of difficulties happened with that...
Yesterday, I walked all over town handing in applications, and asking for jobs. I sent in applications to the pet store, Booster Juice, Starbucks, Walmart, No frills, Tim Hortons, Sobeys, and I think a few more O.o so hopefully I get a job at least at one of those places! Tim Hortons had a "hiring" sign outside, and I got to talk to...
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Life update

Posted by Peach DeJ on Saturday, November 2, 2013,

Its been a while!
I haven’t been able to post lately.
After Lula died, I got really sick with a fever or something, and I was sick for about 4 days. I haven’t been feeling that good lately, and I have been behind in my workouts. I haven’t done much school, and I’m just behind in everything T-T
I want to update you of what’s currently happening so I can at least get back on track with my blog!

So after Lula died (R.I.P. baby T-T), I searched up as much as I could about h...

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