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Posted by もも DeJ on Monday, August 12, 2013
Hello everyone! みんな、こんにちは!
How are you? おげんきですか?
Anything new or exciting that you have done lately? Like go on vacation, move to a new house, buy a pet, etc...

Well, I just got my own room! I am so happy! うれしいです!I have never had my own room, I've always wanted one though! Its the color I want, the flooring I want, and the decorations I want. Its like a dream come true -^ ^-
I hope it stays that way, and nothing bad happens O.O that would be very sad... But I will hope for the best!

I went out for sushi yesterday! I almost died it was so good (x_x) Next time I will get some pictures to share, sushi is so beautiful and heavenly 

Like the title says, I am going to have a special day! My sisters and I planned a day that we will go out for a movie (in 3D!!!) and go to a sushi restaurant afterwards (get one of those special rooms in the pic below) and get a sushi boat!
 Like this! A tatami room?

Im really excited! We are going in about a week. I will get lots of pictures and post them here so you can see ^ ^ 

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