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Posted by Peach DeJ on Thursday, September 12, 2013
Hey guys! Sorry its been a while since I posted, things have been crazy with school...

Heres what has been happening lately;

Since its the beginning of the school year, we had to make the choice of going to school or homeschooling again. Both my sisters decided to go to public school because they find too hard to work while they are at home. I find it easy to work at home, but I decided to try out public school.
I was super nervous to go back school after 4 years of homeschooling, and I have become really shy and pretty antisocial O.o 
The first day wasn't too bad, it was very confusing though because I don't know how a school schedule works with periods and classes and such, Im used to elementary school... Luckily there were lots teachers to help out at first.
A few girls were really nice, and helped me out a lot. I thought maybe we could become friends eventually.
Well, on the second day it was like they forgot I even existed... When I passed them in the hall I tried to smile and wave, but they didn't even look at me, and this happened quite a few times. Maybe the teachers just told them to help me on the first day out of their own will?... 
Third day I started meeting a few other people, they were pretty nice, but again once that class was done they acted like I wasn't even there. Only ONCE a girl I met smiled at me in the hall, but other than that it was pretty awkward.
Then came the weekend. I was already bringing home pages of homework, and working countless hours on work I didn't even understand! I was starting to remember why I was homeschooling in the first place...
Then came Monday... I got ready for school at 7am my new wake up time (Im used to waking up at 9am btw T_T) got lunch ready and tried to get motivated saying this week would be better and I would make friends. Well long story short, I have decided to home school... Im obviously too lazy, and not motivated enough to give school a shot, but so far I really don't like it, and its only been a week and a half!!!
I can honestly say that homeschooling is the thing for me, I like sitting in the comfort of my own home, wear whatever I want to wear, wake up whenever I want to, do my workout in the mornings (forgot to mention, I had so much homework and other stuff to do during the day, so my workouts ended up being late at night!), not have to plan every one of my meals, etc... Lots of people love public school, but I am not one of those people haha

We will see what the new school brings when we move to our new house, because I am probably going to do half public school, and half homeschool. 
What I did notice about after that week and a half of public school though is that I wasn't half as shy. I could actually approach people and talk to them! So I am going to keep that up, and not let homeschooling turn me into a lonely old hermit crab!

Now I should have more time to write posts! 
Ttyl じゃね!

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