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Posted by Peach DeJ on Friday, July 10, 2015
I had such a weird, crazy, and long dream last night. 
I woke up at 7am went back to sleep and had this dream until 8:09am. It was about me going to prison.
I was in some huge weird and old fashioned school, and I was on my phone. A teacher got mad at me, she took away my phone and I got sentenced to prison. I went to this prison, and it was on a huge ship. It was almost like a cruise ship, but it was obviously much worse because it was for prisoners. The prison was almost like the one in Shawshank Redemption (good movie). The guards were ass holes, and got mad at the stupidest little thing (hence why I got sent to prison for a phone). We were allowed certain hours to go out under parole and hang with family and friends, it was at a huge and weird swim pool which was attached to the ocean. I mostly hung out with Ashley. As we were chilling and swimming in the pool, you can see this weird figure way at the bottom of the pool. My mom comes over and she's like "oh you can get rid of them", and it started swimming up towards us. It was a dolphin which looked like the old inflatable dolphin Ashley used to own. I went up to it and was petting it and wanted to ride it. My mom was telling it to leave and go back down, but I told it to stay and then I commanded it to go forward and I was riding it. I just told it what direction to go and it would take me wherever I wanted. I told Ashley to take pictures. The guards around the pool were watching me like hawks, making sure I didn't try to escape or something. 
Back at the prison we had a storm coming in, the boat was rocking back and forth like crazy and prisoners and guards were panicking. People were falling out of the boat. The guard who hated me most told me to jump in the water and save people. So I did. There were dead bodies everywhere, it was like Titanic. I tried to swim under the bodies but the guard got mad at me because I would disappear for too long. So I just swam around them, and I ended up saving 2 people. When I took them back she seemed grateful. She took me to the cosmetic and fashion shop on the boat to talk to the owner about it. I came with her and had to wait for her. As I waited I started organizing the fake nails and other accessories because I was bored. I kept asking the guard how long I was sentenced to prison for, but she wouldn't tell me.
The guard came back and she was like "wow you need to see this." So the owner came over and looked and she was impressed by how I organized everything. The guard asked if I could work here with her, and help organize the shop as a job. I was happy with the idea. The owner said she would think about it.
The next day we got to go to the pool again. Here is when I got really fed up. I was mad that I got sent to prison over having a phone. I asked Ashley "Why the fuck was I even sent to prison again?" and she said "because you took your phone out of the garbage and the teacher saw you." And we both started laughing loud and sarcastically. We were talking loud so the guards could hear us. I said "Wow these fucking guards and this stupid fucking prison puts me in jail because of a phone!" (ignore my potty mouth) And we were laughing really loud again. The guards just all stared at me. Then I was asking Ashley and my mom if I would be able to make an appeal so early. And they said I could. So I was determined that I would appeal and get out of prison since I was in there for such a stupid reason.
Me and Ashley went to the grocery store (It was connected to the pool). We were talking about what prison was like, and I told her about how I wouldn't be working at coop now that I was stuck in prison, and that I would also have to pass up my job at McDonalds (I actually got hired again for real haha). I told her that mine was nothing like the one in Orange is the new Black. She got pistachios out of the shell, I told her it was a good choice. And thats all I remember.
I forgot a lot of stuff that happened, but thats basically what it was like. Such a weird dream, and it felt so real.

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