Moved again

Posted by Peach DeJ on Monday, June 29, 2015
I moved. Again. 
Now I am in the city with Z's bros. Its kinda awkward living with 4 guys atm, but hopefully I get used to it for the time being.
Im kinda in a pickle now. I am trying to decide if I should hold off on beauty school for now. I am concerned about not having enough money, not having a job, not having a house, and not being able to drive. I never got a break from coming out of school and everything is so rushed. So I have like 1 more day to decide before I have to call them and tell them I am not going to be attending =/ It really sucks but I also feel a lot less stressed when I think of not having to go to beauty school right away. I think it was too rushed. People are not going to be happy once they hear I moved to this city and then changed my mind about schooling and a $5000 scholarship... But I am going to try for school in January if I can. I just want to get settled in first and get a steady job and income and be able to drive before I start beauty school. I think its wise to wait and be more prepared before I start.
Im really upset right now -_- me and Z were gonna go to the theater tonight and watch the new Insidious 3. I was really excited to see it, but when I looked for it, it said it was no longer playing... Ugh, good timing =(
Well hopefully tonight goes good anyways

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