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Posted by Peach DeJ on Saturday, November 2, 2013

Its been a while!
I haven’t been able to post lately.
After Lula died, I got really sick with a fever or something, and I was sick for about 4 days. I haven’t been feeling that good lately, and I have been behind in my workouts. I haven’t done much school, and I’m just behind in everything T-T
I want to update you of what’s currently happening so I can at least get back on track with my blog!

So after Lula died (R.I.P. baby T-T), I searched up as much as I could about hamsters, and tried to get as much knowledge as possible so that if I got another, I would be able to take care of them properly (I was taking good care of Lula, but I have no idea why she died. Apparently on Kijiji they try to get rid of hamsters before they die and just lie about their age… no more kijiji hamsters…)
So I got a new hamster 2 days after all the crying, and misery… it was really terrible…
She was a “Russian winter white dwarf hamster” and I called her Yuki, which means snow in Japanese ^ ^
Here are some pictures of her:
I really miss her T-T

The only thing is, she was aggressive…
While I was doing my research, I learnt that Dwarf hamsters are more aggressive (especially Russian ones), and so are females. And I got 2 in one… Both a female dwarf. Honestly, really stupid of me not to think of that at the time. She was just so cute, and seemed really sweet. I didn't know what she was really like until a few days after.
When I put my hand in the cage she would jump at me to bite, and attack. I could even change her water without being attacked! So after lots more research, I figured out that taking her back would be best for both of us (I really hope she is ok T-T) So after a few days of being attacked and bitten, I decided to take her back. I feel really bad about it =( but I don't want to neglect her because I am too scared to go near her cage!
A day later, I called up a few pet stores (after doing MORE research on what type of hamster to get! Don't want to make another dumb decision like taking them back, which I never want to do again, it was sad =( ) and found one that had male teddy bear hamsters! They are the best to train, tame, and be friends with apparently. And males are calmer than females.
When I went to pick him up, there were so many to choose from! They were all together in a cage (the other pet stores had them all separated), and they were calm and hanging out with each other peacefully! It was the most beautiful I ever seen
T-T so touched
After getting a look at a few of them, my dad told me to pick one up! So I pet them instead, because I was a little to nervous to pick them up =_= And I fell in love with one of the hamsters. He was a grayish brown hamster, and he was super cute and calm! I pet him, and he didn't even flinch! He was so nice, and soft, it was love at first site ^ ^ So I got him! He was pretty scared when they lady was picking him up o.o but he calmed down a bit, and was just chilling out in the box to take him home.
My sister and I were trying to choose a name for him in the car. We came up with Peanut butter, peanut, walnut, hazel nut, honey, Toru, and LOTS more! Then when we were passing by a town on the way home, I was like “Oh this is Chester---“ (blocking out for safety ^ ^) And my dad was like “Yup.” Then silence… and then “CHESTER!” So that's how he got the name Chester!
I don't have any photos of him yet, because the room is dark at night, and its hard to get photos with him in his cage, but once I get photos I will post them here asap!
I hope me and Chester can be best friends for a long time, I don't want to lose another hamster T-T I love them so much
Also, before I was going to get Chester, I planned on getting this cage:

But after, yes you guessed it, more research, I found out that Teddy bear hamster can get too big for the tunnels, and they are a PAIN to clean! So I am going to stick to bin cages ^ ^
Well I hope you lasted reading that long update ^ ^

Ttyl じゃまた!


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