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Posted by Peach DeJ on Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Hellooo everybody,
Well life have been pretty crazy lately. Im now graduated, I got into a hair school which I will be starting in less than 2 weeks.... (So nervous) and I have to move to the city asap. Z and I were planning on moving together, and we found a house and everything was working out perfect. But Z's parents didn't like the location.. It was a pretty sketchy neighbourhood I must admit, but it wasn't horrible. Like there is a lot worse out there, and I believe we were fortunate to find such a perfect place. So ya now we aren't moving there because his family won't let him. I am really disappointed and stressed out from it. His brothers are going to let us live with them until we can find another place. But I really don't want to live with 3 others guys and not even have a room to ourselves. Ugh I am so frustrated with this whole situation. But I think things will work out eventually, just got to get through the tough times to make it to the good ones.
I have been really negative lately, and its not only affecting me, but its also affecting Z. Things just haven't been going that great and its been making me upset and irritable lately. I found out that I have a medical condition, and I don't know if its something that will permanently go away. And now it spread on to Z and he's not to happy about it. I feel unbelievably bad. I never planned on this happening and its really unfortunate that it did happen. But its not going to kill either one of us, a lot worse could have happened so I think I need to look at the positive more. Like how I got into a hair school and can start my career as a hair stylist soon, and how I am moving in with the person I love, and how I have a person to call mine and how much we love each other is amazing. I want to live a happy life. Every moment I spend in a bad mood with negative thoughts is moments I will never get back. Live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy. Life is precious and should be treated as a gift.
Heres to a positive lifestyle! <3

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