Learnt Katakana and Hiragana!

Posted by もも DeJ on Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Hi everyone! Its been too long! ひさしぶり!O.O 
I need to keep up my blogs, I feel bad not posting for so long T_T すみません

Anyways, like the title said... I finally learnt how to write and read hiragana and katakana fully! I can read manga! I am so happy! ^ ^ うれしいです!
I finally have more time to learn Japanese since it is summer vacation! It is so nice
I am going to try and blog in Japanese, I just need to work on my sentence structure and particles! I will practice more, so I can finally speak Japanese! 

Another thing I wanted to tell you is..... I got an ipad!!! It is amazing! I got a Japanese keyboard on it, and it has Japanese smilies! I love it so much, it is so cool!  O(≧∇≦)O
Now I can blog on there with my Japanese keyboard! Awesome ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

Well I better get to bed, わたしはつかれましたです (∪。∪)。。。zzz
But I really want coffee O.o 
Well talk to you later!

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