I want you to feel at home...

Posted by Peach DeJ on Thursday, November 21, 2013
With my blog, I wanted to make everyone feel like they are at home at my blog. Or "at home but better" ^ ^
I want my blog to have the vibes that I get at starbucks. Every time I go to starbucks, I just don't want to leave. I feel so happy, and at peace every time I go to starbucks. So please don't be afraid to comment, and ask me questions, because it would make me so happy to see you guys talk (if anyone even goes on here >.<) But if not, then please just enjoy my blog, and remember this is all for you guys. When I am writing on my blog, I am thinking of you personally. I want you to enjoy my blog, and feel like it is also yours, because it is! This blog is a shared community of all of us as a group. You guys make this blog special. And I want to thank you so much for reading my posts! Even if I am just talking to myself right now, I don't feel like I am. It feels like I am talking to someone out there, and it makes me so happy ^ ^
I am going to put a picture of coffee and tea on the home page, and I am going to make it as homey as possible. So take a virtual drink and relax, spend some time reading, and enjoying your self. If you have any recommendations please let me know, I want to make this the best blog I can possibly make. I want you to enjoy your visit at my "Peachy home" ^ ^ 
This may seem like a weird post, and I may sound weird, but I really want to make you guys comfy, you are so special to me ^ ^ 
Im going to make new additions to the blog (from now on I am going to call my blog "our home" because thats what it is to me) I hope you guys like it <3 u all!

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