I hate the flu!

Posted by Peach DeJ on Monday, November 18, 2013
I got a terrible flu a few days ago, and it lasted for 3 days T-T it was horrible! I was throwing up (sorry..) for a whole night, and I had nothing TO throw up! O.o It was so horrible, and I had such a bad headache, and lethargic, throat and chest really sore. Ugh I hate being sick... But I got to watch lots of movies, and lose some water weight ^ ^ I looked really skinny after o.o I hope I can stay like this!

I missed 2 days of work, but they were extra days so "oh well", plus I had 7 whole days in a row since they called me to work 3 days extra for the grande opening O.O thats a lot of work!
Now I have work off for an entire week (/^ ^)/* Im so happy I can finally rest! I am sooo tired today I have been just relaxing all day, playing video games, doing school work (which I really need to catch up on...), etc! 

I went over to a karaoke party with Shaz and a few other friends, it was a lot of fun! I was really scared to sing in front of other people, because I don't think Im that good =_= but later on I faced my fear and did it! And Im glad I did, because it was really fun ^ ^

I haven't posted on my fitness blog in a while, I have been doing really weird with my workouts... I haven't worked out a full 5 days in a row yet. The most I have done is 3 days in a week so far. I just am so unmotivated, busy, and tired. I am going to try and start doing them again regularly tomorrow!

I also really need to get doing my school work, and Japanese language learning! I haven't done it in so long T-T I watch lots of anime, but I want to actually start practicing, and learning more! I need to learn Japanese before I move to Japan! I only have 2 years left >.<

I feel really tired right now -_- I think I am gonna go sit around some more. Plus I am really hungry today T-T I haven't been eating much at all lately since I work, so I am probably making up for it now O.o I wont pig out, I will make sure I don't go absolutely crazy haha ^ ^


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