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Posted by Peach DeJ on Monday, April 6, 2015
Its been over a year since I blogged I think... A LOT has changed. Like I worked at McDonalds as a Team Leader, but quit last week because it got really shitty. The managers are complete ass holes and literally do not care about anyone but themselves. It got so bad I eventually just gave up and quit. So now Im back at Walmart, but now I work in produce. My boyfriend also just got a job at Walmart in Dairy/Freezers.... A new boyfriend. I will make his name Z. I have known him for over a year, but we never really.... got along? I used to dislike him because I thought he was sick minded, and found him rude. Buuuut shit happens, I changed a lot and so did he. And now we are together, for already 2 months. I love him a lot, it feels like we have been together for longer than 2 months. Probably because I knew him for over a year. 
My ex, who I used to be deeply in love with in past blogs, eventually just agreed that we make each other more sad than happy... So we ended that. Well, more like I ended it. 
Oh another thing, I moved out. Things got really bad at home, to the point that I couldn't even be around my family without wanted to kill them. And same for them. So my friend whom I wasn't allowed to associate with, invited me to live with her. So I moved in. And it was pretty epic when she came to help me get my stuff. My dad kicked her out and blew up on me and told me everything was my fault, and he did nothing... Why would I be moving if he did nothing? But whatever. Now I am actually talking to my family again, and we are doing better but I am still not moving back there for now. I am just gonna stay with my roommate. My family is moving to BC which is like 13 hrs away from where I live right now. I wanna go, but I don't wanna leave Z... Its really shitty. I love him too much now to leave. 
I haven't practiced my Japanese in a long time. Safe to say I won't be doing anymore Japanese blogs =/ Sorry.
Im currently just trying to get through this last year of high school so I can get my diploma and go to beauty school to work as a hair stylist. I kinda wanna specialize in doing weddings, or models hair. But I also want to be the person who can go on a stage at a hair show and demonstrate different styles on my own models. I have lots of plans for my career so far, and Im not sure what Im exactly going to do yet. Its kinda confusing. I will figure it out eventually though. 
Well Im not exactly sure what else to talk about... So I guess I will hopefully blog again soon? Bye =)

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