Hate iphone

Posted by Peach DeJ on Thursday, April 9, 2015
Well today I ruined my phone... I got an iphone recently, and it fucking sucks. (excuse the language.) I deleted everything on it because I accidentally rebooted it when I went on itunes. So basically after hours of trying to get it connected to itunes, I finally did and it ruined my phone and got rid of all the music anyways... Safe to say I absolutely hate my phone right now. So I restarted everything after calling apple and finding out they could do nothing about it, and have to start all over again. And not to mention my music downloading app is gone too, so I cant get any music atm. Omg just talking about it again is pissing me off T-T so upset about it..
Nothings really new, work is decent, my back is always killing me though because I guess I don't know how to lift things properly, but I will figure it out soon enough =P
I miss my old phone... =(

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