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Posted by Peach DeJ on Tuesday, April 7, 2015
I am unbelievably tired this morning T-T I just want to sleep all day. Probably because yesterday night was my first day at work, and there is a lot of lifting and pushing and moving involved in produce. So far it seems a lot better than McDonalds, but I hope it stays good or gets better so Im not at another shitty job. But I have to admit, even if it were a shitty job I would still be happy because working with Z is so much fun =3
For some reason these mornings, as soon as I wake up I think about texting Z and blogging? Its kinda awesome, because I really missed blogging so Im happy I get to do it again. And I hope that I can keep up with it, so I don't go inactive for a year again aha. 
I had another weird dream.. This time it was with my cousins, and (a girl in my class who I find very annoying, but she thinks she's my friend, we will call her Sai) Sai and her friends, and my family. We were all at some get together, and we were going to do fireworks and everything for Easter. We were supposed to wait until midnight to do the fireworks, but my cousins did them earlier, like around 9pm. We were all sitting on the swings in awe, and thought they were amazing. But all the adults were pissed off that they didn't keep to the plans of doing them at midnight. So my mom was yelling how stupid they were, and my dad was furious like he was going to kill someone.
We went into the house and we were all sitting in the living room. I could hear my family talking bad things about me, like how I never do anything, or how I apparently lied about giving my mom my eye liner or something. I got really mad so I grabbed my eye liner and threw it at her and was like yelling at them. I went into the kitchen pissed off, and my dad followed me and started yelling at me telling me how stupid I am. Then he threatened to punch me. So I told him to just do it, and I was serious. So he did. Then I said "Do it again, not like I give a shit about my life". So he went to punch me again, but I hesitated this time. Then I woke up..
Its weird how I keep having bad dreams about my family. I was unsure of what to think of them lately, but from the dreams I have been having its like a sign to not go back to them... But I don't know if I should take it that way since they are just dreams.. Its pretty confusing.
Anyways, today I got work again at the same time, and Z is supposed to come over this morning to hang out. Im not exactly sure what we are going to do, but we have plenty of options. We made a bucket list, and it has like over 30 things for us to do. He says he wants to make sure we finish it, even if things go wrong between us, which I really really hope doesn't happen. I just got over the whole Batman thing... I cant handle anymore heartbreaks.

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