Doodling/drawing, sold the house!

Posted by Peach DeJ on Thursday, August 22, 2013
I've gotten back into drawing ^ ^
I used to want to be an artist, or a manga writer. But once I saw how much better other people are, I kinda gave up T_T
But I have gotten back into drawing and doodling. I don't plan to be a artist, or have a job involving art. I just like to do it as a hobby now ^ ^
Here are a few things I have been doodling in my journal recently...

I love "Pikachu"! He's soo cute ^ ^
And I am addicted to "hello kitty". I get "hello kitty" everything! I decorated my room "hello kitty" before it got painted over. But I wasn't as good of a drawer back then, so it didn't look as good O_o 
They don't look amazing, but I enjoy drawing! 

Another thing I wanted to tell you about, I already wrote it on my fitness blog, is that we sold our house!
We have no idea where we are going to move yet, but we have to find a place soon
I hope it is away from where I live right now, because I like change (only good change). Getting to know new people, explore new places, see new things, its exciting! 
I never really mentioned that we were selling our house in the first place (I don't think I did anyways...?). 

So thats whats been going on recently, I hope I can keep up with the blog because we have been really busy packing, looking at houses, and just figuring this all out! 
Im sad though, because I just got my own room for the first time in my life! T_T I was so excited 
Hopefully in the new house I will get a nice room as my own! I don't want to share a room ever again! 

Well, talk to you soon!

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