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Posted by Peach DeJ on Monday, April 6, 2015
Goooood morning! It is 8:40am and I woke up from my laptop falling off the couch and giving me a heart attack. Terrifying really. 
I had such weird dreams last night... And I can actually remember most of them =D
So one of them I was on a road trip with my family. And we were in red deer. I was really hungry and I wanted to go to Starbucks, but my family refused to take me. So I told them to drop me off because I would rather walk. So they did, they dropped me off on a corner and left. I walked to Starbucks and started crying once I realized they had left me, and didn't care about me. Then once I found Starbucks, my family pulled in at the same time. Then I was back to angry, no longer sad. I went inside and I was searching the menu for cheep food because I only had like $5.35. And I found one of those granola bars Starbucks usually has, but this one was made with caramel and popcorn. I asked the lady how much it was, I don't remember if she said a price, but she told me it was really good. So I grabbed that, and then I was looking on the menu to get a coffee that was also cheep. People behind me in line were getting impatient, so I told her I just wanted the granola bar and a small coffee. In my mind I was hoping my family would jump in and pay for it, but they didn't. So I just gave the lady all my money and left. I was really sad...
The other dream was actually kind of scary, but not really... Me and a few other people, I think it was my family and Z. (Z is my boyfriend mentioned in the previous post). We were at some place that was almost set up like those shooting ranges in old country movies, but it was also connected to Rona because I remember going in the office and talking to Ryan (Ryan is the guy that gave me an interview when I applied at Rona). And we were all standing in a big circle. There was some monkey type person that was short and was wearing mostly blue, and it was holding a spear. Then it multiplied and made a bunch of those monkey things and they were going to attack us, but I don't remember anything else really... 
Next dream, which was kind of connected, Z and I were at our jobs, I was part time at McDonalds as a fry person, even though previously I was practically a manager, I reapplied to work as a fry person. So I was confused on if I should just stick to fries, or help where ever I was needed. I just stuck to fries because I didn't want to make it seem like I was superior. I was trying to figure out what time I was supposed to work at Walmart that day, because I had 2 jobs. One at McDonalds and one at Walmart with Z. So I was texting Z and trying to look through photos to see what my schedule was. But I wasn't able to see clearly, everything was blurred like when you are so tired you are about to fall asleep and cant really open your eyes. I couldn't read my phone so I was slightly panicking about what time I had to be at Walmart. Then Z texted me and was like "we work at 9:35pm" or some time like that. And I was like "but isn't that late? Im pretty sure we worked at like (not exactly sure what time I said..) 5:30pm or something" but he said that on his schedule it was changed to 9, so I wasn't sure when I had to leave. People at McDonalds were asking me what I was looking for, so I told them about my second job. James and Mary, and Josh were the ones asking. Then I was pretty sure that I had to leave at 4:30pm (which actually is my shift today...). So I was trying to leave McDonalds, but it was really hectic and everyone was busy, and it was like the room was getting smaller. Then I saw Jen (an old manager at McDonalds who quit last year) and I was so happy to see her, and we were talking and such. She was trying to close the store, and I was just chatting and leaving Walmart aside. 
Thats all I can really remember from those dreams, but they were really vivid, and obviously pretty messed up O.o 

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