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Posted by Peach DeJ on Friday, June 26, 2015
Good morning!
So far I have been in bed all morning. I was watching my tv show and then I did a face mask and eye mask and listened to music, and now I am watching Bubz videos again. I didn't watch them for quite a while and now I have a lot of catching up to do. I am watching them all backwards so I can find the last one I watched, it gets sort of confusing. 
I think Bubz is the most inspirational and lovable person I have ever met (well not really met but seen). She always makes the best of things, and she doesn't let life get her down, she always finds a way to get back up. I want to be more like her.
I haven't been having a good few days, watching her videos help me escape my problems for a while and just make me feel better about life. I hope things can get better for me soon.

Tags: bubz  hope  inspiration 
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