Beware the turmeric!! Coming soon....

Posted by Peach DeJ on Thursday, October 17, 2013
Today I decided to make sweet potato fries from a recipe my amazing friend Skye posted (Thanks Skye, they were awesome!!! >.<) and it asked for turmeric. I don't know much about turmeric, except that it tastes good hehe ^ ^
So I followed the recipe, everything went fine, UNTIL.... I discovered that turmeric dyes stuff! My nails, hands, bowl, and sink are all dyed yellow >_< it looks so funny! My nails look really weird though haha! 
Next time a recipe asks for turmeric remember, it really sticks to you and dyes stuff! Beware the turmeric ^_-

Here is a picture of my yummy & healthy sweet potato fries (/^ ^)/

Btw, be ready! Soon I will post the link to a website me and Skye made as a healthy blog, it has recipes, tips, exercises, etc! Coming soon....

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