Posted by Peach DeJ on Monday, November 4, 2013
I have never fully introduced you guys to my hamster yet.
So this will be an introduction to him! (And previous hamsters)
My current hamsters name is Chester, he is a male Teddy bear hamster, with brownish-gray fur, and he is about 2 months old. He is really friendly, shy, and adorable! He makes funny noises, but I looked it up and apparently thats how he communicates ^ ^ Because he seems to be fine!
I have had him for about 4 days, and we are already bonding really fast. I can now carry him one I get him out of his hamster ball, and he lets me and my family pet him, and he crawls all over me haha
I don't have any pictures of him yet (that are good anyways...) So I will get some asap!

My last hamster (if they are counted as mine since I only had her for about 3 days...) was named Yuki. She was a Russian winter white hamster, about 3 months old, and crazy! She would not let me put my hand near the cage or she would jump and attack. She was really cute, but evil! 
I had to take her back, because she didn't seem to like me... I miss her though T-T


And my first hamster was named Lula, she was a Syrian hamster, about 8 months old when she passed away. Im not sure of her exact age, since the guy probably lied to me, she looked older. She was an orangish, and white mix. Such a sweety, I loved her so much T-T I posted on my main blog page more about what happened with her. But now that this is my main hamster page, I will be posting on here mostly about hamsters. 
Anyways, she was really friendly, and playful. She liked to run on my hands as I put one in front of the other ^ ^ She didn't like her wheel, only her hamster ball, and she loved playing outside of her cage. I really miss her a lot T-T Love you Lula! <3

So thats a short into to my hamster/hamsters! ^ ^

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