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Posted by Peach DeJ on Thursday, November 21, 2013
I love Way of Gray!!! (Aka Sophie Gray) She is so awesome! I bought her ebook a while ago with 10 workouts in it that are only about 15-30 mins long. And I absolutely love it! They whip my butt, and I am sore for days after them! I can definitely see improvements (when I actually stick with them  T-T I have been so lazy lately! Especially when I caught the flu...)
She is such a sweetie and she only live 3 hr drive away from me! 
Im a lot like her too! And Im not just saying that as a wannabe, I mean seriously. For example; today I decided to sign up for twitter, and shortly after I look at her facebook post saying that she just got twitter! And this morning I had her recipe for pancakes with a mix (Her recipes are to die for!), and melted berries on top, and guess what!? She had the EXACT same thing! Its so weird that me and her do the same stuff >.< So cool!
O.O Im not a creep, but seriously, we are so similar
If you want amazing, effecting, SHORT, awesome workouts, and an awesome instructor I definitely recommend WayofGray! Her site is wayofgray.com and she has a NEW ebook coming out on December 1st!! I am so excited >.< I am going to get it the moment it comes out! And it has so many better things than the first! Don't get me wrong, her first ebook is amazing too! But her new one has 10 tabata (Japanese ^_-) workouts, lots of recipes and substitutes for foods, a recipe list, and more! Im so excited >.<

Another thing I haven't really mentioned is... I quit coffee O.O wierd huh. I bet no one ever thought I would, but its not really a big shock because I have quit coffee twice =_= 
Once I was obsessed with coffee for a few years, then I quit for about a year, then again with coffee obsession for about a year, then I quit coffee for 2 years, now I was obsessed again for "who knows how long", and now I am quitting for however long I want. I am not sure if I really want to have it again soon, but I miss it, so maybe I will drink it again soon. Im not sure. Its kind of confusing.

I haven't posted on here for a while. But its prob cuz I have been so unmotivated, and only been working out 3 days a week max. I am getting my butt back in gear though! I stopped eating oatmeal every morning, and Im not eating tuna (the flu turned me right off...) I am going to try just having oatmeal raw (like soaked in milk and banana, etc). But I was eating it way too much, and it was making my thighs look weird. The flu really slimmed up my legs, and I want to keep it that way!
I decided after I got the flu, that I need to do more cleansing. I am going to try and do juice fasting for a day every week maybe, or whenever I feel like I need it. I might in a week or sooner, because I just all of a sudden know that I need to cleanse myself, and I think juicing or lemon fasting does the trick when I feel bloated and gross. Fasting is the best way to cleanse imo. The flu literally cleansed me right out! (That sounds gross, but it did!) I lost weight, and got a whole new approach to food. Now I realize that "the more the merrier" is a terrible saying. I used to try to eat as much as I could without getting fat. But now I am taking the Japanese approach (the smartest approach imo) "quality over quantity" and "eat until you are 80% full". So smart! I have felt better, and less lethargic! I love Japan ^ ^

Well thats my little fitness update. 

Btw, I stopped counting calories! Now I just watch my portions, and eat until I am 80% full, and I feel so much better! Don't let numbers get the best of you!

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