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CEC: Day 18

Posted by Peach DeJ on Monday, November 4, 2013,
Already at day 18 of the clean eating challenge, and I still haven't had any cereal! I have been doing pretty good with my eating, and I haven't had anything unhealthy, or that would not be counted towards the CEC. Im proud of myself for making it this far ^ ^
But I thought about it, once I finish the 100 days, I will still be eating the same afterwards, so does it really matter if I count 100 days when I am just going to continue after? Well, I guess I will just count it anyways, but I will n...
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Coffee addiction

Posted by Peach DeJ on Tuesday, August 27, 2013,
As you might know, I am/was a coffee addict. Just a few days ago I was drinking about 3-5 cups a day, and if I went without it for too long I got shaky and bad headaches. Notice how I am using the past tense? Thats because I decided to slow down or quit coffee, I have been relying on it too much for energy and now I am getting all the bad effects of coffee, like the headaches and such. It was 2 days I went without coffee, the first day I had REALLY bad headaches, and felt absolutely terrible....
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Raw second week progress, moving..

Posted by Peach DeJ on Wednesday, August 21, 2013,
Well, I believe this is my second week of eating more raw foods! So far it has been really good, the only thing I am struggling with is getting enough protein and less carbs. Fruit is high in carbs and sugar, but they the good ones. So Im not too worried about that. But regards to protein, I am getting more fat than protein. 
I did some research on it, and it seems like I need to get some raw vegan protein powder. It just seems to difficult to get it other wise, and I don't want to lose any mu...
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Iced coffee, raw progress

Posted by Peach DeJ on Saturday, August 17, 2013,
Hey guys!

I recently have made a new. healthy version of iced coffee/frapaccino. Im not exactly sure what to classify it under >_<
Im addicted to coffee, and it is really hot in Canada where I live right now. So I wanted to make a cold version so I could have something nice and cool on a hot summers day.
Here is how I made it:
-1 cup soymilk
-about 1 cup or less of coffee (just black)
-1/2 tbsp (or to taste) of honey
-tsp-tbsp cocoa unsweetened (as much as you like)

1. Make...
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