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Way of Gray 4 ever!

Posted by Peach DeJ on Thursday, November 21, 2013,
I love Way of Gray!!! (Aka Sophie Gray) She is so awesome! I bought her ebook a while ago with 10 workouts in it that are only about 15-30 mins long. And I absolutely love it! They whip my butt, and I am sore for days after them! I can definitely see improvements (when I actually stick with them  T-T I have been so lazy lately! Especially when I caught the flu...)
She is such a sweetie and she only live 3 hr drive away from me! 
Im a lot like her too! And Im not just saying that as a wannabe, I...
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100 day clean eating challenge!

Posted by Peach DeJ on Friday, October 18, 2013,
Hey guys!
My buddy Skye and I have been having issues with our diets lately (not literal diets, just what we have been eating), so we decided to do the 100 day clean eating challenge!

Basically what it is, is eating food with no more than 5 clean ingredients, exercising regularly, having around 6 mini meals a day (whatever works for you), and not counting calories. Just eat small and healthy meals. That doesn't mean pig out since you aren't counting calories, but just eating clean in general!

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