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Posted by Peach DeJ on Thursday, September 12, 2013
Back to school! Yay!!!... NOT 
I hate school T_T and if you have checked out my personal blog, you could see the long post I wrote about how I tried public school but hated it, so now I am back to homeschooling. But I am probably going to do a mix of homeschooling and public school.

The one thing I did like about public school though was gym... We went for a 5km run! And I was in the front of the class with the athletic kids XD I was so happy! But other than gym, I really do not like public school, I love the comfort of my own home -_- .... lonely old hermit crab talk...

Well heres whats been happening lately in my fitness life. As you know I was trying to eat more raw again, but I have learnt a valuable lesson in the past week. You shouldn't really label yourself... Like I always used words like "Im a raw vegan" or "I eat 90% raw" or "I cant eat that, Im raw vegan", eventually you just feel so restricted! So I have learnt not to label myself under any terms or names. If someone asks me what I eat I could just say "well I mostly eat raw paleo" or something like that, it doesn't matter much, but once I start saying "well I only eat 90% raw, and Im a vegan!" then I start to feel like I need to live up to that standard. I just eat what makes me "happy and healthy!"
Some may not agree with this, but Im just saying this is what works for me, I like it this way. ^ ^

Back to school... While I was going to public school (for like a week and a half) I had to do my workouts at night, and that gave me a whole new appreciation for the night. I used to be scared to stay up late because you need enough sleep to aid in weight loss, so I never stayed up late. But with school I had tons of homework so I couldn't do my workouts during the day, so I did them at night. And I really loved it! I had lots of energy, and it just felt so... majestic! Its like a whole other world at night!
So I have a new goal (or wish, whatever you want to call it). I really really want to go for a night run!!! Its dangerous to go alone, so I wanted to see if maybe I could call up a few friends, and bring a responsible adult to make sure nothing happens. But here is my plan: I want to get ready around 11pm, and run/jog for about an hour or more all around town (not exactly in town, but like on the nice trails through parks and such. Then afterwards go to Starbucks, have a coffee, walk home and watch a few movies with everyone maybe lift some weights, and just make it a night of exercise and fun! We will have to catch up on our sleep during the next day, or the day before, but it just sounds like a lot of fun to me! 
What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever wanted to do something really weird with exercise to jazz it up and make it more enjoyable every now and then???

Hopefully now that I homeschool I will have more time to blog! I will talk to you later! =)

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