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Posted by Peach DeJ on Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Well, I believe this is my second week of eating more raw foods! So far it has been really good, the only thing I am struggling with is getting enough protein and less carbs. Fruit is high in carbs and sugar, but they the good ones. So Im not too worried about that. But regards to protein, I am getting more fat than protein. 
I did some research on it, and it seems like I need to get some raw vegan protein powder. It just seems to difficult to get it other wise, and I don't want to lose any muscle! Ive grown attached to it! ^_-
So I am probably going to get some protein powder. For now I am getting protein from nuts, nut butters, some tofu and soymilk, avocado, and a few recipes I have made like raw protein balls, raw protein shakes and such! 
I made raw protein cookie dough balls with peanut butter, oats, almonds, dates, honey, and cocoa (sometimes) and it is really good! If I had protein powder they would be better, but its better than nothing!
I have also been eating a lot more, but I read somewhere that you need to eat double the calories on raw to get all the nutrition you need. Im not sure I believe that, but I find eating calories doesn't affect me like how it did with cooked foods. I haven't been counting calories as much, just going by how my body feels. Its less stressful, and I feel good and look good. So it must be working. 
Fruit isn't that filling, and you get hungry faster since it digests fast. So I have been eating more fats and veggies with my meals, then I stay full longer. 
I think I am cleansing all the toxins and such from my body, because my face is breaking out, and my body has really been cleansing. I feel more energized, and don't rely on coffee as much. Im feeling pretty happy with the results Im getting!
Yesterday my parents got news that we sold our house finally. I have never really mentioned that we were selling our house on the blog yet. 
Anyways, now we have 60 days to move, but we have no idea where we are going to move! We are looking really hard for a place to move now. Its been really stressful for everyone, but once we are moved and in a nicer house we will be able to relax! I hope this doesn't affect my workouts O.o I will make it work

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