Juicing cleanse and veggies

Posted by Peach DeJ on Tuesday, September 3, 2013
I have been trying to eat more veggies, because if you read my other posts you would know I have a major sweet tooth (if I wrote that in my other posts...). 
And I read on Sia Coopers blog (http://fitmommydiaries.blogspot.ca/) about how she did a week cleanse with juicing, and how it made her skin glow. So I thought "Hey, thats a good idea to juice, then I will be able to get more veggies!" And now I am having about 1 juice every second day to replace a meal, and 1 salad a day. Slowly I will build up until I am able to do it with just juice for a week and do a cleanse. It seems like it will be pretty hard to stick to it, so I am going to need lots of motivation and will power to do this! 
Once I decide when I am going to do it, I will post an entry everyday as a checkin for how it is going, then I will feel even more motivated to stick to it since everyone will know I am doing it! (Wish me luck!)
I feel like even just doing a few juices a week has already been helping my acne O.O I really hope it goes away before I start school! (Even though school is like in a few days -_-) 
I have a feeling I will really like the results by doing a week of juicing. But I am confused with a few things like:
-Can I do my normal workouts while doing it?
-How much juice can I have a day?
-Should I feel hungry, or do I need to drink enough juice to keep me full?
-How long should I juice fast for the best results?
-Will it effect my muscles?
Most of these are really stupid questions, but it confuses me...

Well thats all for now! Ttyl ^ ^

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