How I got rid of my acne with healthy eating and exercise!

Posted by Peach DeJ on Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Hey guys,
I wanted to make this post for teens/people struggling with acne. It talks about how I got rid of my acne through a healthy balanced diet, and working out! 

Not to long ago I had really bad acne. It was so bad that my brother and dad would argue with me that it was a skin disorder! I tried everything to get rid of it, but nothing would work, and eventually I just wanted to give up.

Here is a pretty embarrassing picture of before-

And here is a (pretty embarrassing XD) picture of now-
Please ignore the cat ears >.<

So as u can see it improved a lot! And this was just 3-4 months after the before pic!

This is what I was doing while I had the acne with no improvements-
  • lots of different diets, such as fruititarian (when my face was at its worse), baby food, low fat, high carb, low calorie, etc...
  • washing my face with lots of face washes
  • deathly scared of touching my face! 
  • lots of stress
  • really worrying about my acne, and constantly concerned about it, I cried a lot about it O.o
  • almost no exercise

And here is how I got rid of it!-
  • started working out 5 days a week sweating
  • ate a balanced diet, and listened to my body for what I need. Lots of omega 3 fatty acids from fish and avocado (because I LOVE sushi), not too much sugars of any type, as many calories as I need
  • stopped stressing about my face, took time to unwind and relax, kept positive attitude, a lot happier =D
  • stopped using facewash, now I only slash my face with cold water once a day (either after a workout, or at night before bed), and once or twice a week when I take a shower rinse my face with a facecloth while pores are opened from steam
  • more greens! Before I never ate any veggies, now I eat AT LEAST one salad a day, greens and fats are so important!

So this is all I can think of right now of how I cleared my acne!
Just stop worrying about it, one day it will clear up, no one is judging you by your face, its your personality that really matter, so keep a positive attitude, and be happy ^ ^

I really hope this works for you guys
Thanks for reading!

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