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Posted by Peach DeJ on Tuesday, August 27, 2013
As you might know, I am/was a coffee addict. Just a few days ago I was drinking about 3-5 cups a day, and if I went without it for too long I got shaky and bad headaches. Notice how I am using the past tense? Thats because I decided to slow down or quit coffee, I have been relying on it too much for energy and now I am getting all the bad effects of coffee, like the headaches and such. It was 2 days I went without coffee, the first day I had REALLY bad headaches, and felt absolutely terrible. Second day I was fine though, craving it a bit, but not much. So today (actually right now ^ ^) I am drinking only 1 cup! No more than that today! And maybe I will have one every 2 days or just keep it in moderation! No more coffee slavery, its too painful getting addicted! 

Well, raw has been going really good! The detox is finally over and my acne looks a lot better! This morning my face looked pretty clear, and I felt energetic and happy ^ ^ 
Stomach is pretty darn flat, and have been eating salad in at least one meal a day! Im proud of myself for that, because I find it really hard to eat veggies o.o
Right now the only cooked things I have been eating are kashi go lean cereals, and the occasional protein bar (organic vegan). So I am basically 90% raw, and Im getting lots protein from the go lean cereal, I love that cereal, its yummy and high in protein and fiber, low in sugar, its a miracle to me! ^ ^
For milk I like to make oat milk with 3/4 cup oat groats (or normal oats, I don't think it matters) and 3 cups of water blended, and strained through a nutmilk bag. Then sometimes I sweeten it a bit with 3 honey dates, or add some vanilla bean, and it is really good! I love it so much! ^ ^
Btw I found this raw vegan site, and I really like it so far~

We bought a house! Its about an hour away from where I live right now, and its a lot better this place. The house is really nice, and I will get my own room (score! (/^_^)/ )
We have to move in about a month, Im so excited ^ ^

Well, thats all thats new lately!
TTYL! ^ ^

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