CEC: Day 18

Posted by Peach DeJ on Monday, November 4, 2013
Already at day 18 of the clean eating challenge, and I still haven't had any cereal! I have been doing pretty good with my eating, and I haven't had anything unhealthy, or that would not be counted towards the CEC. Im proud of myself for making it this far ^ ^
But I thought about it, once I finish the 100 days, I will still be eating the same afterwards, so does it really matter if I count 100 days when I am just going to continue after? Well, I guess I will just count it anyways, but I will not eat cereal anymore. Once you stop eating it, its not that hard to stop. I craved it a few times, but I am not going to eat it any more, its just not worth it. Plus I stopped eating wheat after reading "wheat belly" (I am not finished it yet), so I don't eat cereal anyways.

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