100 day clean eating challenge!

Posted by Peach DeJ on Friday, October 18, 2013
Hey guys!
My buddy Skye and I have been having issues with our diets lately (not literal diets, just what we have been eating), so we decided to do the 100 day clean eating challenge!

Basically what it is, is eating food with no more than 5 clean ingredients, exercising regularly, having around 6 mini meals a day (whatever works for you), and not counting calories. Just eat small and healthy meals. That doesn't mean pig out since you aren't counting calories, but just eating clean in general!

This site talks more about it in detail http://www.skinnyminniemoves.com/clean-eating-challenge/

So here is my pledge! 

I, PeachyPie, here by swear that I will eat as clean as I possibly can for 100 days, and keep regular in my exercise. Thy shall not have ANY cheat meals, and will not eat ANY cereal for 100 days! 

So there is is people, I am officially pledged to the clean eating challenge! 
Wish me luck ^ ^

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